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Let us help you create an entire ERG and BRG strategy and ERG and BRG process from concept to delivery, as we have for many Fortune 500™ and Fortune 100™ companies around the world. We can help you measure the Return on Investment (ROI) impact of any Employee Resource Group's (ERGs) and Business Resource Group's (BRGs) initiative as well as any other initiatives, goals and strategies.

ROI and Measurement Services

Quickly turn strategy into insight and action with our ERG and BRG ROI services. We leverage the full power of ERG and BRG analytics to improve your diverse workforce environment and your strategic business performance impact.

Tools & Consulting

Discover a new path to business success. With our proven experience utilizing state-of-the-art ERG and BRG performance improvement strategies, our ERG and BRG ROI consulting makes good sense for your company.


Company Profile

As the nation’s leading provider of ERG and BRG ROI impact solutions, our history and mission is to help ERGs and BRGs make a measurable difference in your ERG and BRG performance. Our track record of success has made powerful sustainable differences in our client's performance.

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About Us

Improve your ROI with a better plan. The Hubbard ERG and BRG Institute specializes in employee resource group and business resource group creation, development, implementation, and ROI measurement. Our experienced and proven company offers a full range of consulting support services for ERGs and BRGs in the area of diversity return on investment, ERG and BRG impact measurement, ERG and BRG analytics, ERG and BRG training, ERG and BRG members ROI Certification, and much more.

A critical part of any organization's efforts is creating a comprehensive "Diversity Change Process" that helps build an inclusive, high-performance work environment which drives business and organizational performance objectives. We drive better ROI performance results for bottom-line impact, and are better at comprehensive strategic ROI approach to ERG and BRG performance than you could imagine. Because we design expert measurement, ROI analytics and ERG and BRG management processes for better diversity business intelligence alignment, you can quickly plan, implement, and monitor your ERG/BRG strategy deployment to show measurable progress and impact.